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HDNHispanic Digital Network
HDNHigh Density Network (computing)
HDNHuman Development Network
HDNA Hard Day's Night (Beatles album)
HDNHemolytic Disease of Newborn
HDNHigh-Density Nebulizer
HDNHayden, CO, USA - Yampa Valley Regional Airport (Airport Code)
HDNHealth and Development Network
HDNHyperion Developer Network (software forum)
HDNHomeland Defense Network (Marcus Communications, LLC)
HDNHudson and Manhattan Railroad
HDNHemodinamicamente(Spanish: Hemodynamically)
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In a World Bank data blog, Ifpri Senior Research Fellow Derek Headey and HDN Consultant Harold Alderman said poor diets are now considered as the top risk factor in the global burden of disease worldwide.
Therefore, the coke formation was neglected in this work as it only had a weak influence on the shale oils conversion by HDN, HDS and HDO.
To this end, we propose method block denoise module (MBDM) for HDN, using loss cache and adaptive gradient adjustment methods to denoise the input data when HDN is training.
The administration of HDN to rats has significantly attenuated lipids variation, reduced oxidative stress, improved blood cell counts and attenuated lung and dorsal aorta tissue injury.
HDN works mainly in the social housing sector across England to promote equality, diversity and inclusion - and aims to change lives for the better by raising the pro-file of social justice and equality in housing, neighbourhoods and communities.
However, in a local study,1 ABO incompatibility was known to be the major cause of HDN (71%) while Rh and suspected minor blood group antigens accounted for 23% and 6% cases of HDN respectively.
Sym001 is currently in clinical ?hase II for treatment of ITP and in ADP (anti-D Prophylaxis) to prevent HDN. The Sym001 programme is based on Symphogen's recombinant polyclonal technology and has been jointly developed since 2006, from early preclinical to its current clinical phase.
HDN was formed in 2005 from a merger of Littlewoods Business Express delivery service and the logistics arm of newly-acquired business, Reality, and in 2008 became a standalone business operating separately from Shop Direct.
The cross-country flight originated at Hutchison (HUT), Kansas, at 1010 Central time and was en route to HDN. The two pilots, husband and wife, were returning to HDN after an annual inspection had been performed on the airplane at HUT.
By spreading the transmission across a greater number of lower- Go for the HDN advantage powered sites, HDNs effectively overcome the problems traditionally associated with reception for mobile and portable devices.
HDN will almost double its workforce, increasing from 5,500 to 10,500 staff.
Merseyside-based Home Delivery Network (HDN) said it will retain all 4,700 staff employed by DHL Domestic.