HDPBHaus Der Politischen Bildung (German: House of Political Education; Berlin)
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The HDPB will not in any way supercede the statutory clearances of other agencies and will only act as a facilitator for the fast track hotel project approvals in a time bound manner.
The traditionally dominated SOEs have become less important in terms of the contribution to the industrial output; SOEs only shared 24.7 per cent of total value of industrial output and non-state sectors made 75.3 per cent of Hainan industrial output in 1998 (HDPB, 2000).
However, after the peak, the level of employment started to decline because of technological improvements, increase of productivity, reform of SOEs and subsequent lay-offs of employees, and the regional economic downturn during the Asian crisis (HDPB, 2000).
The total local population was about 7.5 million in 2000 (HDPB, 2000), about twice that of the nearby and oldest SEZ, Shenzen.
HDPB, (2000) Shiwu Guihua Yanjiu Keti Huibian (The Research Collection of the Tenth Five-Year Plan), The Bureau of Development and Planning, Hainan Province, June 2000.