HDPESHuman Development and Psychoeducational Studies (Howard University; Washington DC)
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Traditional HDPE blow moulding grades have always forced converters to compromise between stiffness and environmental stress crack resistance.
In the case of high molecular weight (MW) high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins which are used in the manufacture of blow molded drums, one of the surface defects observed during the extrusion is referred to as worm melt fracture in the blow molding industry [2].
A bimodal homopolymer HDPE that features up to 50% higher moisture barrier than standard resins has gained significant ground as a barrier layer in multilayer flexible food packaging, particularly in easy-open cereal and cracker packages.
The company says that test data have shown a significant increase in chemical resistance to bio-diesel fuels compared to current HDPE grades on the market.
On the other hand, recycled HDPE, LDPE, and PP were used as viscosity modifiers.
HDPE is used in WPC applications because it offers better physical properties than LD or LLDPE.
Typical examples of multilayer pipes are HDPE high-pressure pipes with a protective outer PP layer to provide impact resistance, crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) pipes with an inner EVOH layer functioning as an oxygen barrier, and PP drainage pipes with a foamed middle layer for sound insulation and lighter weight.
Four HDPEs were used in the study, two containing hexene comonomers (H-series) and the other two octene comonomers (O-series).
Primary applications include FPVC, HDPE, LDPE, nylon, PP, and ABS.
PM 13030 has been shown to improve throughput of viscous polyolefin resins such as ultra-high-molecular-weight HDPEs without affecting the physical properties of films, profile extrusions, or molded products.
Melt fracture has been observed in a number of polymers (mainly linear), more frequently on all types of linear polyethylenes including high-density polyethylenes (HDPEs), which is the subject of this work (5).