HDPSHenson Digital Performance Studio (digital puppetry; The Jim Henson Company; Los Angeles, CA)
HDPSHard Disk Photo Storage
HDPSHigh-Density Polystyrene
HDPSHighly Distributed Power System (consortium; UK)
HDPSHydroacoustic Data Processing System (software)
HDPSHelp Desk Professional Services
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QUETTA -- Hazara Democratic Party's (HDP) candidate Qadir Nayel won the by-election on Monday for the Balochistan Assembly's constituency of BP-26 (Quetta-III).
HDP's create a hostile environment in the uterus as a result of multiple pathophysiological changes including reduced placental blood flow, maternal inflammation, and oxidative stress.
In this study, we evaluated the potential of the HDPS methodology to control for residual and unmeasured confounding in studies analyzing the quality of care by reanalyzing the original study by Ohlmeier et al.
The most common risk factor for abruptio placentae was HDP (including chronic hypertension and pre-eclampsia) (n=73, 26.9%), while a significant proportion had no risk factors (n=76, 28%).
A 25-year-old female graduate student in describing herself as 'a pro-Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) with leftist inclinations" shared her views as follows:
The HDPS conducted extensive independent testing of several 9mm handguns from a number of manufacturers in addition to SIG.
Where HDPs cannot be easily measured, predicting them by other means can also pose problems.
- CommVault: "By leveraging the existing integration between HCP and HDPS, we are enabling a new private cloud delivery model that will allow customers to simplify IT, reduce costs, increase productivity and grow their bottom line.
Sample Type Manufacturer Reference [M.sub.w] [M.sub.n] (g/mol) (g/mol) PE0 LDPE BP Novex 117.203 19,862 petrochemicals 21H460 PE1 HDPs BP -- 225.295 18,472 petrochemicals PE2 HDPE Dow chemical 53050E 241.881 10,278 PE3 HDPE DuPont Sclair 93.600 16,262 2907
JTBF also assists college students with law school preparation and hdps guide law students who are competing for judicial internships and clerkships.
In reaction to these problems, integrated Highland Development Projects (HDPs) became the model of upland development starting in 1972 in selected areas of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai Provinces, although it was not until the mid-1980s that a fairly large number of projects emerged from the Highland Development Masterplan (12) (Keen, 1972; Tapp, 1979).