HDRBHigh Dose-Rate Brachytherapy
HDRBHigh Damping Rubber Bearing (engineering)
HDRBHistoric Design Review Board
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The isolators HDRB and LRB are designed first as per different properties and adopting the static design procedure.
Force-deformation behaviours of the isolators in this study are modelled as numbered (1) for LRB and (2) for HDRB:
HDRB consists of thin layers of high damping rubber and steel plates fabricated in alternate layers as illustrated in Figure 4a.
The equations needed for HDRB modelling follows Eqns (2), (4)-(8).
The designs for LRB and HDRB have been exemplified in subsequent lesson.
Circular bearing has been designed with diameter 800 mm and 950 mm for LRB and HDRB respectively.