HDRSHamilton Depression Rating Scale
HDRSHard Disk Recovery Services
HDRSHigh Data Rate System
HDRSHigh Definition Recording System (product)
HDRSHorn Drive Riot Squad
HDRSHigh Desert Repair Services (California)
HDRSHidden Data Recovery Services (Chicago, IL)
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Following the secondary listing of HDRs on the HKSE, Vale's shares will be capable of being traded almost 24 hours a day around the clock.
Mean Pre- Versus Post-Treatment and Pre- Versus Follow-Up Effect Sizes Effect Size (d) Weighted Mean SD 95% CI BDI-II Pre-post 2.11 1.14 1.13, 3.15 Pre-Follow-up 1.83 0.93 .78, 2.74 HDRS Pre-post 1.91 0.88 1.23, 2.70 Pre-Follow-up 1.78 0.64 1.06, 2.40 Table 2.
No significant differences occurred between the three groups at baseline on the five dependent variables (for example, HDRS, Beck Depression Inventory [BDI]).
In this group, statistical significance (p=>0.05) was observed using the Bech scale (a sub-scale of HDRS) to measure affective core symptoms of depression.
For each Beta prior estimate, we calculated the 80% and 95% Highest Density Regions (HDRs) as the estimated interval for all cases where this gave a reasonable answer--that is, all cases except for weight judgments exactly equal to 0 or 1.
HDRs are designed to provide an entire day's rations for one refugee and are used to feed refugees until they reach a refugee camp.
DLA procures and stores humanitarian daily rations (HDRs) for the Department of State and ships them to the region as required.
Information is provided on high performance silicas for tires, including Zeosil HDS and HDRS for high performance tire tread.
Chartered commercial aircraft flew 2 million Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDRs) to Europe for transload on to C-17 aircraft.
While not the preferred method, HDRs, like MREs, can be airdropped en masse, and unlike other products, they can be dropped via the Triad system as individual packets, which flutter to the ground relatively harmlessly.
When combined with the Monaco treatment planning system, Versa HD delivers high definition dynamic radiosurgery (HDRS) throughout the body allowing stereotactic treatments in routine time slots enhancing operational efficiency and comfort for patients.