HDRWHard Disk Recorder
HDRWHalt and Display Random Word (opcode)
HDRWHearing Distance of a Watch by the Right Ear
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For much of the first half it made no difference as Spurs remained in control, working hard to deny hdrw the visitors time and space.
'yl' 'yzlw hdrw (51) 'l' bd[n'd'bdynkw w'l msdrn'] dsdrynkw (52) zylw pylw (53) lyh bslyh dlhm' bhsbyh dmy' b'h'[sby]h dm'ys'[h'w]l[ykwl lhm' wl ...] wlysty my' wlzyq wlyswp mysh' wlykwb, the passage bytyk rhys 'ysqwptyk mrym' 'yl'tyk zydn' represents three parts, which are parallel, noun plus suffix of the second feminine singular and attribute with the correct ending for the gender.