HDSCHigh Density Signal Carrier
HDSCHydrometeorological Design Studies Center (US NOAA)
HDSCHazardous Material Distribution Support Center
HDSCHuntington's Disease Support Club
HDSCHybrid Document Scanner Camera
HDSCHitachi Data Systems Corporation (electronics company)
HDSCHeadphone Science
HDSCHigh Definition System Controller
HDSCHearts, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs (playing cards; mathematics problem solving)
HDSCHarwich and Dovercourt Sailing Club (UK)
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The osteogenic differentiation capability of AbdSCs, BFPdSCs, and HdSCs was also determined by evaluation of osteogenic markers using real-time RT-PCR.
The flow cytometer analysis revealed that AbSCs, BFPdSCs, and HdSCs expressed MSC-defined markers including CD44, CD73, CD90, and CD105, but they were negative for CD34 and CD45 (Table 2).
Moreover, AbSCs, BFPdSCs, and HdSCs showed similar morphology and all three exhibited a spindle-shaped morphology (Figure 2, a, e, i).
From P3-P5, BFPdSCs were shown to proliferate significantly faster compared to AbSCs and HdSCs. However, at higher passages, that is, P6-P8, all three AdSCs showed almost similar growth rates (Figure 3(a)).
However, no significant difference was observed in the expression of COLI between AbSCs, BFPdSCs, and HdSCs at both time points (Figure 4(c)).
The expression of MSC markers including CD44, CD45, CD73, CD90, and CD105 were similar in AbSCs, BFPdSCs, and HdSCs and it was in according to the International Society for Cellular Therapy [44].
Caption: FIGURE 1: The flow cytometry histograms of CD34 and CD146 from AbSCs, BFPdSCs, and HdSCs.
Caption: FIGURE 2: Multilineage differentiation capability of adipose-derived MSCs: (a-d) AbSCs, (e-h) BFPdSCs, and (i- l) HdSCs in various culture conditions including stem cell growth medium (a, e, i), osteogenic induction medium (b, f, j), adipogenic induction medium (c, g, k), and chondrogenic induction medium (d, h, l).
Caption: FIGURE 3: Proliferation rate of adipose-derived MSCs: (a) The cell growth rates of AbSCs, BFPdSCs, and HdSCs at different passages (P3-P8) as determined by trypan blue staining for detection of viable cells.
Caption: FIGURE 4: Osteogenic capability of adipose-derived MSCs: (a-e) Relative gene expression (RGE) of osteogenic genes (ALP, BMP2, COLI, SPP1, and RUNX2) of AbSCs, BFPdSCs, and HdSCs after 7 and 14 days in osteogenic induction medium versus the cells grown in stem cell growth medium.