HDTHigh Dose Therapy
HDTHeat Deflection Temperature (plastics)
HDTHeatpipe Direct Touch (Xigmatek)
HDTHeat Distortion Temperature (plastics)
HDTHighest Dose Tested (EPA)
HDTHenry David Thoreau
HDTHeavy-Duty Truck
HDTHardware Detection Tool (software)
HDTHost Digital Terminal
HDTHospitalisation à la Demande d'Un Tiers (French)
HDTHolden Dealer Team
HDTHydrotreater (oil refinery)
HDTHorse Driving Trials
HDTHigh Density Tape
HDTHawaiian Daylight Time
HDTHasse Diagram Technique
HDTHuron Daily Tribune (Bad Axe, MI, USA)
HDTHardware Debug Tool (AMD)
HDTHigh Resolution Dipmeter Tool (Schlumberger, borehole analysis)
HDTHazardous Devices Team
HDTHelmet Drop Tower
HDTHybrid Discretionary Trust
HDTHandoff Detection Time
HDTHot Dogger Tours (Brea, CA)
HDTHazardous Device Technician
HDTHarmonic Drive Technologies
HDTHosted Data Translation (Edict Systems)
HDTHemodialysis Treatment
HDTHalo Dream Team (gaming)
HDTHot Deck Temperature
HDTHomeland Defense Training
HDTHigh Definition Traffic (TomTom; Netherlands)
HDTHospital Dying Trajectory
HDTHeader-Dictionary-Triples (resource description framework)
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ND SatCom's SkyARCS platform allows Service Providers such as HDT to serve the growing IP business application markets and is designed to provide optimal network performance whilst guaranteeing minimal cost of ownership.
The analysis of K and Pelast values showed no consistent significant relationships to HUT or HDT states.
We look forward to working with HDT to train field teams to use this critical tool, as fast as possible.
The Top 20 products were selected from the semifinalist group by a panel of experienced fleet executives and maintenance managers, including HDT Truck Fleet Innovators and a panel of Technology & Maintenance Council members led by past TMC President Darry Stuart.
Anticorrosion paints based on Pliotec HDT 12 display very low water permeability and excellent corrosion resistance, without the need for inhibitive pigments, according to the company.
Another thermal history effect, the effect of molding temperature, has been shown to change the dynamic mechanical spectra, as well as HDT, for PPS/glass composites (7).
Contract Awarded for Improved Army Space Heater Type II (IASH) for the HDT MTH200 heater.
1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- HDT Global (HDT), a leading provider of highly-engineered mobile military and emergency response solutions, announced today that the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) has awarded the company's Expeditionary Systems Group the Guardian Angel Air-Deployable Rescue Vehicle (GAARV) contract to produce the HDT Storm Search and Rescue Tactical Vehicles (SRTV).
The 30%-glass grade has nearly twice the tensile strength and 200 [degrees] F higher HDT than neat PLA.
The company's benchmark testing includes infrared analysis, TGA, EDAX, tensile properties, tear resistance, compression set, stress relaxation, DIN abrasion, flexural properties, HDT, Izod impact, atomic absorption, dynamic mechanical properties, and more.