HDTSHolland Destination Travel Service (Netherlands)
HDTSHigh Definition Tall Screen (electronics)
HDTSHigh Desert Test Site (experimental art sites; California)
HDTSHelmet Display and Tracking System
HDTSHigh Definition Telesync
HDTSHigh Density Thumb Screw (computer hardware)
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I've always said that HDTS was really started because Andrea wanted people to come visit her in the desert!
Transparent Apec HT grades offer HDTs to 354|degrees~F, nearly 100|degrees~F higher than conventional lens grades.
What I probably knew before HDTS and have now experienced firsthand is that geographical frontiers (at least in the United States) are a quickly disappearing entity.
A new Bayblend polycarbonate/ABS, DP2-1448, has an HDT of 203 [degrees] F at 264 psi, and contains no bromine, chlorine, or antimony oxide additives.
(TMI), Amityville, N.Y., will be demonstrating equipment that tests impact, melt flow, density, slip/friction, thickness, and HDT. Scheduled to be exhibited are the ED-120T High Precision Electronic Densimeter, Ray Ran's 4MPCA Automatic Melt Flow Indexer, and Daventest's HDT Tester.
The resin has an amorphous HDT of 120 F, which matches the heat resistance of the trays from Coopbox and Cryovac.
Site One, HDTS's Welcome Center of sorts, is only a couple of blocks away.
Figure 2 shows the heat distortion temperature (HDT) of the blends as a function of PC concentration.
GE says the new materials will boast HDTs up to 300 C (570 F) vs.
Applications exploited its exceptional resistance to thermal degradation, dimensional stability at high temperatures (HDTs of reinforced grades are well over 500 F), and chemical and flame resistance.
Also in testing are two ABS-like PUR grades with high flex modulus and HDTs near 212 F.