HDUHigh Dependency Unit
HDUHigh-Density Urethane
HDUHose Drum Unit (air to air refueling)
HDUHelmet Display Unit
HDUHard Disk Unit
HDUHarley-Davidson University (service school operated by the factory)
HDUHow Dare You (Internet slang)
HDUHot Death Uno (game)
HDUHeat Dissipation Unit
HDUHose and Drogue Unit (air to air refueling)
HDUHydraulic Drive Unit
HDUHead-End Distribution Unit
HDUHazardous Device Unit
HDUHomeless Diversion Unit (New York City)
HDUHong Duc University (Vietnam)
HDUHealth Development Unit (UK and Australia)
HDUHemodialysis Unit
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Upchurch has supported HDU as an important patient advocacy organization since its inception as NxStage Users.
Nicosia General Hospital's general manager Petros Matsas said that the HDU, which is the first in Cyprus, aims to help decongest the hospital's nursing system and especially the ICU.
I found that two other TDs--relating to the inspection of the HDU gear shafts--hadn't been documented on the EHR card.
The nurse discussed her concerns with Dr Joyce and suggested Linda, who was examined by Dr Azizah Osman, be transferred to the HDU.
The HDU conference, which has until now taken place during Arab Health, where delegates will address sustainable healthcare solutions through better design.
The Bootle Town Hall inquest also heard from nurses who worked in the HDU and adjoining intensive care unit (ICU).
Literature recommends follow-up nursing, improving standard of care in general wards rather than further specialisation in SDU and HDU through ICU outreach.
The second part was an observational study carried out on 21 patients in ICU (19) and HDU (2).
When the HDU started leaking, the system tried to isolate which hydraulic circuit the leak was in; therefore, the switch from hyd 1A to hyd 1B cautions.
Targeted at property developers and telecomms installers, the HDU is similar to an electrical consumer unit and can be sited in the hall, garage or under the stairs.
At HDU, the procedure is demonstrated on the floor, not on the wall.
The incorporation of the centerline HDU and the WARPs on the KC-767A provides for three-point hose and drogue refueling of probe equipped receiver aircraft.