HDWDMHigh Density Wave Division Multiplexing
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to understand the impact of HDWDM techniques on radio multi-bearer support, multi-connection, and asymmetric wireless services
to develop cost-effective HDWDM optical system modules supporting digital baseband and analogue RF signals
to demonstrate the viability of a flexible HDWDM fibre-wireless system for broadband ATM nomadic applications in a laboratory set-up and in a small-scale field trial
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Per channel transmission bit rate is chosen equal to 10 Gbit/s, because our research is focused on ultra--long haul combined HDWDM transmission system development, which expecting existing 10 Gbit/s system's infrastructure use and further it's development.
Evaluation of Band-Pass Filters Influence on NRZ Signal in HDWDM Systems // Electronics and Electrical Engineering.