HDWSHuntingdon and District Wargames Society (Huntingdon, East Anglia, England, UK)
HDWSHuman Domain Workstation (US Army)
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'I have brought my six month old daughter in BBH for medical treatment and doctors admitted her in HDW. The condition of ward is dirty,' said Mahrukh Bibi, a resident of Waris Khan.
In this aquifer, groundwater is tapped from the highly fractured portion of the ophiolitic melange by shallow HDWs with depths not exceeding 10 m.
For convenience, the terms "dry season" and "wet season" will be used throughout the rest of the paper to refer to measurements/sampling made on shallow hand-dug wells (HDWs) during October 2011 and May 2012, respectively.
Groundwater samples were collected from identical HDWs (n = 25) in dry and wet seasons (Figure 4).
Even though the groundwater levels in individual HDWs show significant fluctuations (from 0.74 to 5.31m) between dry season and wet season, no discernible spatiotemporal variations were observed on groundwater flow directions and gradients (Figures 4(a) and 4(b)).
Groundwater temperature of shallow HDWs vary slightly (depending on the depth to water) and range from 12.6 to 20.2[degrees]C in dry season and from 11.0 to 16.6[degrees]C in wet season (Table 3).
In the study area, dry season groundwater from several HDWs (i.e., K4, K5, K6, K10, K18, and K21) is probably affected by the aerobic denitrification processes mediated by the facultative anaerobes [93], which is evidenced by their low N[O.sub.3.sup.1] (0.7-6.2 [mu]g [L.sup.-1]) and relatively high DO (2.07-5.46 mg [L.sup.-1]), Fe (100.7-1018 [micro]g [L.sup.-1]), and Mn (5.76-78.6 [micro]g [L.sup.-1]) concentrations (see Table A.1).
We also see that Fe and Mn are elevated in some HDWs located at the central and northern sectors of the study area (i.e., K1, K18, K19, K21, and K25).
THE navy operates four German HDW and eight Russian Kilo- class conventional diesel- electric submarines.