HEAFHigh Expectations Asian Father
HEAFHarlem Educational Activities Fund (New York, NY)
HEAFHigher Education Assistance Fund (Texas)
HEAFHigher Education Assistance Foundation
HEAFHigh Efficiency Air Filter
HEAFHigh Explosives Application Facility
HEAFHealth Enterprise Architecture Framework (Rwanda)
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Yet, with all of the HEAF accomplishments to date, Moss Lee says there is still much to be done.
Considering these numbers, HEAF recognizes the need to significantly raise the bar of expectation for ourselves in order to bring our vision to reality," Moss Lee says.
Senate subcommittee on investigations, revealed a lack of diligent oversight of the loans guaranteed by HEAF and, ultimately, by the federal government.
Why couldn't HEAF correct the situation on its own?
HEAF and other guarantors approved thousands of education loans to prisoners, to the semiliterate, to people on welfare, to individuals seeking minimum-wage jobs, and to displaced homemakers -- divorced or deserted mothers who needed every penny to support themselves and their offspring.
Most of the more than 5,000 privately owned, for-profit schools flocked to HEAF because of its speedy front-end approvals, its national availability, and its responsiveness to the needy populations sometimes shunned by state loan-guarantee agencies.
However, the country needs to learn from the HEAF difficulties, the Nunn hearings, the UES scandal, and other excesses of enthusiasm for student loans.
The school was desperately in need of help; and its single positive factor was a new principal with vision, energy and a desire to work with HEAF.
HEAF retained a library scientist from Teachers College, Columbia University to redesign the library, completely restocking its shelves with current books, reference materials, periodicals and newspapers.
Real life clowns and puppeteers, prizes, snacks and the most up-to-date and appropriate books and teaching materials are among the tools HEAF uses.
Children attend voluntarily, as do HEAF instructors, who are specially selected teachers from the school.
HEAF teachers receive extra compensation directly from HEAF for the additional hours they serve; and they are encouraged (at HEAF expense) to take further professional training sponsored by the Reading Reform Foundation and attend professional conferences, etc.