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HEALINGHealthy Endothelial Accelerated Lining Inhibits Neointimal Growth (study)
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Ferko was no less willing to help her than he had been to help the wolf and the mouse, so he poured some healing drops over the wounded wing.
Rebecca examined the wound, and having applied to it such vulnerary remedies as her art prescribed, informed her father that if fever could be averted, of which the great bleeding rendered her little apprehensive, and if the healing balsam of Miriam retained its virtue, there was nothing to fear for his guest's life, and that he might with safety travel to York with them on the ensuing day.
A single, localized healing event has been achieved through the development of an interconnected micro-vascular network of encapsulations of healing agent, imitating the circulatory system present in biological organisms.
Regulatory, economic and workforce pressures too often have taken the healing out of health care, proponents of the concept assert.
A large number of people arrived for the four-day Healing Festival at Kohima local ground.
Faith in the Great Physician: Suffering and Divine Healing in American Culture, 1860-1900.
This article seeks to build a better foundation for the Christian psychologist providing a review of the language and imagery of healing in the bible using biblical theological techniques.
Each Thursday morning a range of ailments arrive looking to Nick to lay his hands on the hurt and provide healing of some form.
Schnieder used grounded theory to tease out the recursive phases of 'exceptional" healing in three women who used alternative approaches to severe medical diagnoses.
The two-day event will build on the momentum from this year's HEALING SUMMIT, which saw 138 people from 28 countries gather to learn, connect and share their perspectives.
The author explains how healing the symptom needs to involve not only releasing the tension on the physical level, but also letting go of the stressful way of interacting with the environment.