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HEBIHigher Education-Business Interaction (survey; UK)
HEBIHalf-Elf Bow Initiate (gaming)
HEBIHyperfractionated External Beam Irradiation
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The managing director of Hebi Holding, Refaat El Sayeed, told Khaleej Times said that the construction of the plant would commence within six months, while commercial production will begin in two years time.
A gas explosion killed 21 miners in Hebi city on April 2 and a fire at a mine in Pingdingshan county the next day claimed at least 14 lives.
Hebrew text omitted] hebi 'ani ha-melek, literally "the king has brought me.
Hebi, ono, opah, and tombo may need to be special-ordered.
Improved ecology, water environment, and quality of life in and around Qihe River in Hebi.
Some of them didn't really know Isaac but they've gone the extra mile and Hebi has done all the Facebook and Twitter stuff as well as the wristbands.
Kang Guiliang, who is Chairman of the Board of three firms doing business in Henan Province of Hebi City, Zhong Yuan Tou Zi, Zhong Yi Zhi Ye, and Zhong Yi Dong Man.
HEBI Robotics : Enables the rapid development of inexpensive, high-quality and safe robotic systems through the use of intelligent robotic modules.
Companies profiled in 2014 Market Research Report on Global Ion-exchange Resin Industry include Dow Chemical, LENNTECH, Mitsubishi Chemical, Purolite, RESINTECH, ZOJIRUSHI, FINEX Oy, ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LIMITED, SUQING GROUP, Ningbo Zhengguang Resin, HEBI JUXING RESINCO, Xian electric power resin factory, Jiangsu success, ZIBO DONGDA CHEM, SUNRESIN, ANHUI SANXING RESIN TECHNOLOGY, Bengbu Dongli Chemical, KAIRUI CHEMICAL, Jiangsu Linhai Resin Technology, NANKAI GROUP, DANDONG SPECIAL RESIN, Hebei zhengda bluestar, Shanghai HuaZhen technology, Primus, Shanxi LanShen special resin, Langfang holy spring chemical industry, ANHUI EAST CHEMICAL, HEBEI CHINA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, SHANGHAI KAIPING RESIN, SHANGHAI SHUIYI RESIN and HEBI SPECIAL RESIN.
The proposed loan for qihe river environment improvement and ecological conservation in hebi city, henan province is included in adb s lending program as a 2016 firm and 2015 standby loan.
20 Citations of forms appearing in the Classical Mongolian version of the Analects are based on Han Meng hebi Lunyu (Hohhot: Inner Mongolian Univ.
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has organised skill trainings for over 500 migrant workers in Wuxi, Changsha, Chengdu and Hebi.