HEC-HMSHydrologic Engineering Center's Hydraulic Modeling System (US Army Corps of Engineers)
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In the HEC-HMS model there are six main folders: basin (where the conversion of the rainfall/runoff is carried out through the hydrological elements of the model), meteorologic (that defines the meteorologic boundary conditions of the model), control specifications (that describes start and end time of the simulations), time-series data (where the time-series of precipitation data is inserted in the model), paired data (functional data such as cross-section profiles, unit hydrographs and storage-discharge data, depending on the available data that the modeller has for the study) and grid data (for the management of the model grid cells).
2016), the CN variables were achieved for the simulation of the HEC-HMS model at Boulomytis et al.
Shabanloo and Hamrang [14] showed in a study of flood hydrograph estimated by the models of integration and distribution in the catchment basin By HEC-HMS and HEC-GeoHMS programs, it is closer to the formation of surface flow hydrograph and precipitation formation in a modified distribution method ModClarc integrated approach towards the SCS hydrograph recorded in the basin.
river flow modeling and Seyvan province using HEC-HMS model.
HEC-HMS provided a variety of options for simulating rainfall-runoff processes (Zakaria et al.
The HEC-GeoHMS and HEC-HMS softwares were used for runoff prediction in the Potohar Plateau, which worked as spatial extension for terrain processing.
Se recomienda continuar la modelacion hidrologica e hidraulica con los nuevos modelos, del Centro de Ingenieria Hidrologica del Cuerpo de Ingenieros del Ejercito de los Estados Unidos, aparecidos recientemente, HEC-HMS y HEC-RAS, en ambiente windows.
HEC-HMS software is the developed version of HEC-1 and one of water engineering software that used for simulating the rainfall-runoff processes in the basins.
The resulted hydrographs from the HEC-HMS software analyses either directly are used in designing matters or can be used in conjunction with other software for complementary studies of water availability, urban drainage, flow forecasting, reservoir spillway design, and flood damage reduction.
Evaluation of HEC-HMS Methods in Surface Runoff Simulation, Advances in Environmental Biology, 5(6): 1316-1321.
11] calibrated and validated the HEC-HMS model in a watershed with different methods.
Conversion of rainfall to runoff using various models and flood routing in rivers done by Muskingum method of HEC-HMS software.