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HEC-RASHydrologic Engineering Centers River Analysis System (environmental simulation modeling)
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For the flood evaluation, the HEC framework comprises the Hydrological Modelling System (HEC-HMS) and the River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) that models the hydraulics of water flow in rivers (1D) or floodplains (2D).
Staff use HEC-RAS software to perform steady backwater calculations on each stream individually, applying a uniform flow downstream boundary conditions.
Yong-Xin, "A comparison and analysis of flood control capacity of the nandu river based on MIKE 11 and HEC-RAS model," China Rural Water & Hydropower, vol.
HEC-RAS model input cross-sections data were collected from physical survey and extracted from DEM SRTM 90 m by using Hec-GeoRAS.
Simulation using HEC-RAS [12] shows that the discharge value is represented by PF 1 as it is shown in the legends of Figure 4 (EG PF 1, WS PF 1 and Crit PF1).
The surface flow analyses were carried out using computer software HEC-RAS to establish the location of hydraulic jump for various tail water level scenarios.
HEC-RAS, Hydrologic Engineering Center's River Analysis System (USACE 2002), was used to evaluate the impact of the channel alternatives and/or design parameters on the water surface profile before and after the implementation of each project.
The integration of the HECHMS and HEC-RAS, and WASP5 models, although not seamless, is facilitated using a relational database that links them together.