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HECAHealthy Environments for Children Alliance (World Health Organization)
HECAHigher Education Consultants Association (est. 1997)
HECAHigher Education Cooperation Act (Illinois)
HECAHome Energy Conservation Association (now Carbon Action Network; UK)
HECAHigher Education Copying Accord (UK)
HECAHorn, East and Central Africa
HECAHyperbaric Environmental Control Assembly
HECAHarpoon Environmental Correction Aid
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There were no predicted transmembrane regions in any of the complete HeCA sequences, based on two different prediction-modeling programs (SMART and TMHMM).
HecA, a member of a class of adhesins produced by diverse pathogenic bacteria, contributes to the attachment, aggregation, epidermal cell killing, and virulence phenotypes of Erwinia chrysanthemi EC16 on Nicotiana clevelandii seedlings.
HECA will focus on six main areas of environmental risks to children: household water quality and vulnerability, hygiene and sanitation, indoor and outdoor air pollution, disease vectors, chemicals (pesticides and lead), and accidents and injuries.
Performance standards should be set, and the Greater London Authority (GLA) should monitor progress towards meeting HECA (Home Energy Conservation Act) targets.
Julio Gomez, who started with HECA in 1968, has been Steiner's vice president for export sales since 1974.
The May 2 submission highlights SCS's commitment to HECA and the aggressive work performed by the team since the Department of Energy approved SCS to take over the development of this important project for converting fossil fuels into clean power and the production of low carbon products.
Public Higher Education Unadjusted Revenue Data FY 1995 to FY 2009; and (7) HECA, CPI Comparison.
Wirral Council produced its 2013 HECA Further Report and the recent 2015 progress report, both of which can be viewed on the Council website here.
His memberships include NACAC, WACAC, HECA, and IECA where he holds a special designation in international college consulting.
HECA's goals are to ensure ethics and standards among members, provide opportunities for professional development, promote public awareness of HECA and higher education consulting, and provide opportunities for professional networking.