HECBHigher Education Coordinating Board
HECBHampshire Ex-Servicemen's Concert Band (England)
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interpreted by the state's highest court, HECB is entitled to
Given that the HECB will be responsible for producing this report in years to come, staff will continue to work with the institutions to include richer data and make the report even more user-friendly.
The first step in creating such a system will require that the HECB collaborate with community colleges and baccalaureate institutions to determine requirements, gather user feedback, and identify risks to implementation before proceeding statewide.
This report represents one facet of a larger statewide higher education needs assessment that was produced by the HECB in October 2005, also in response to HB 3103.
The revised policies and procedures provide institutions and the HECB with two new planning tools: (1) Statewide and regional assessment of student, employer, and community needs for degrees and education; and (2) Program and facility inventory that identifies academic degree program offerings and the facilities where programs are offered for both public and private institutions.