HECCHyper-Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (cryptography)
HECCHigh-End Computing and Computation
HECCHouse Energy & Commerce Committee
HECCHockey Equipment Certification Council, Inc
HECCHigher Education Conference Center
HECCHorticulture Export Consultative Committee (Australia)
HECCHigh End CAN (Controller Area Network) Controller (computer networking)
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It's not the HECC that must decide which UO programs or personnel will have to be cut to protect resident undergraduates from a double-digit tuition increase.
The UO can ask the Legislature to override the HECC and approve the tuition increase.
surveillance activities are performed, HECC certifies the equipment if
all helmets used be HECC certified and since 1995, HECC helmets have
The HECC still has weekly meetings of operational officers from across NorthWales.
LCC saw a 12 percent dip in enrollment last fall, compared with an average decline statewide of 7 percent, HECC figures show.
The largest contingent of community college students statewide - 33 percent - fall into the 28-49 age range, according to HECC.
Then, HECC will phase in performance-based funding.
HECC - prounounced heck - is the state-level board charged with ensuring that the state's public universities don't offer duplicative programs.
What the HECC is going on with public higher education in Oregon?
Fred Girod, a Stayton Republican, said he saw inevitable conflicts between the independent boards envisaged in SB 270 and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, or HECC - a still-under-construction state body designed to oversee and coordinate higher education in Oregon.