HEDGHigh Efficiency Deep Grinding
HEDGHeads of Educational Development Group (UK)
HEDGHyper-Economy Development Group (software models)
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(14) To verify that the range (defined as the difference between the two strike prices, that is, the floor and the ceiling) of a collar is significant, we investigate 10 randomly selected firms (15) that hedged their oil production in 2007, at the end of which year oil was trading at around $90.
The delta percentage is calculated as the sensitivity (delta) of the firm's hedging portfolio to a small change in the underlying market risk being hedged, scaled by production.
'I can scrabble through hedges. The only place I fell in my stilettos was on a carpet!'
Combining the benefits of CBN and HEDG to grind these materials yielded promising results, but they found the process difficult to optimize due to lack of understanding of wear characteristics of CBN abrasives.
In our sample, the average total insider equity holdings hedged with collars (31%), forwards (28%), and swaps (33%) are larger than the average open market insider sale, which in our sample is 23%.
y = [[beta].sub.0] + [[beta].sub.1]Percent Hedged + [[beta].sub.i] [Controls.sub.i] + e, (1)
PICTURE: Paul Rose; HEDG HEEGD Hilary Stacey, left, with Det Supt Jackie Roberts at the Domestic Abuse conference at Police HQ, Bridgend.
called high-efficiency deep grinding (HEDG) by some observers when it first
Pressure group Advocate for Animals director Ross Minett said the operation was ``completely unnecessary'', claiming their position was bac ked by hedg ehog experts.
Edgetek's superabrasive machine involves high-efficiency deep grinding (HEDG).
Anecdotally, it is well known that firms undertake operational hedges such as moving production to local markets (e.g., Japanese automakers building plants in the United States) or producing in the same countries as competitors (e.g., US manufacturers outsourcing production to China).