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HEDISHealth Plan Employer Data and Information Set
HEDISHealthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set
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CitiusTech helps payers implement industry best practices and overcome major challenges in collecting, measuring and analyzing data to improve HEDIS quality scores.
For example, health educational strategies that take into account low health literacy may result in increased use of HEDIS preventive screenings, such as breast cancer and colorectal cancer screenings.
An important part of developing and updating HEDIS measures is the opportunity for the public to review a measure and offer support, recommend changes or ask for clarification.
Hence, the ODS is the best system for most business intelligence (BI) projects, including providing HEDIS data.
There has been "stalling" in some of the older HEDIS measures, however, Ms.
First, HEDIS data reflect screenings reported by HMO and POS plans that covered only approximately 30% of U.
Things like HEDIS scores are real indicators of whether our members are getting an opportunity to live better lives," Blancett says.
Only 39% of health plan members achieved control, defined by HEDIS criteria as a blood pressure of 140/90 or less.
The HEDIS Customer Satisfaction Survey can also be used as a template to assess patient satisfaction.
says, "Accreditation and HEDIS measurements and all the quality accountabilities on health plans are becoming more and more an issue.
NCQA's solution is to start conducting member satisfaction surveys using its Health Employer Data and Information Set, or HEDIS.
As one of the first companies to achieve 2017 NCQA HEDIS certification, Interpreta delivers real-time patient prioritization and actionable insights prospectively to enable quality care, clinical prioritization, population management, and precision medicine.