HEDLPHigh Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas
HEDLPHigh Energy Density Laboratory Physics
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At LBNL, construction had just been completed on a new accelerator facility known as NDCX-II which was to perform experiments relating both to HEDLP and to the development of a technology for initiating inertial confinement fusion reactions using heavy ions, commonly referred to as Heavy Ion Fusion (HIF).
Department of Energy Office of Fusion Energy Sciences (OFES) and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Joint Program in High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas (HEDLP) has posted Program Announcements soliciting proposals from universities and laboratories for HEDLP-related research.
Department of Energy (DOE) Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC) has begun a study to "identify the compelling scientific opportunities" and "the scientific issues" in the fields of High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas (HEDLP) and Inertial Fusion Energy Sciences (IFES) in response to a March 6 joint charge letter from DOE Under Secretary for Science Raymond Orbach and DOE Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Thomas D'Agostino.
A second charge is given to FESAC in a March 6 letter (jointly signed by Orbach and NNSA Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Thomas D'Agostino) requesting that FESAC "work with the HEDLP (High Energy Density Laboratory Plasma) community to provide information that will inform a scientific roadmap for the joint (OFES-NNSA) HEDLP program in the next decade or so.
Funding for the recently-established Joint (OFESNNSA) Program in High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas (HEDLP) would increase from $28.237 M to $34.783 M.
This is not agreed to by the Department, and no such program exists." Fonck says "The joint (OFES-NNSA) program on HEDLP (High Energy Density Laboratory Physics)will address underlying scientific issues that will be relevant to future considerations of inertial fusion energy." But GAO says, "While high-energy density physics explores a number of fundamental scientific issues related to inertial fusion energy, it does not address all of the scientific issues that would advance inertial fusion energy," GAO says that "DOE noted that, in 2003, its advisory committee developed a plan that identified critical milestones, research and development tasks, and budget needs to build an inertial fusion demonstration power plant within 35 years.