HEDRONHeadquarters Squadron (US Navy)
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If the audience for Monday's glam event like what they see they can always check out The Hedrons in concert.
rocking quartet The Hedrons are tipped to be one of the top acts of 2007.
Lead guitarist Rosie, drummer Soup, guitarist and singer Tippi and bass player Chi formed The Hedrons in 2005.
With the album, One More Won't Kill Us, released on October 9 it may not be long before it's The Hedrons that other acts are anxious to meet and greet.
Legendary: The girls visit Hitsville USA; Girl power: Hedrons in Times Square
The Hedrons already have a substantial fan base due to successful and promising live performances and their single Be My Friend is reason to believe their work in the studio is equally as impressive.
SINCE the February release of their debut album One More Won't Kill Us, The Hedrons have mostly been on the road.
The Hedrons are one of the headliners on our own Email stage, showcasing some of Scotland's favourite bands and rising stars, including The Law, Cosmic Rough Riders, The Ronelles and Sergeant.
GLASGOW girl rockers The Hedrons loved hearing their Scots audience sing our unofficial national anthem at their King Tut's gig in the city this weekend.
q Manchester, Night & Day Caf THE HEDRONS + Hooker + 3milehigh
SCOTS punk rockers the Hedrons were personally picked by legendary rebel John Lydon to support his band The Sex Pistols this weekend.
q Manchester, Night & Day THE HEDRONS + The Real Dolls