HEDSHealth Economics and Decision Science (University of Sheffield; UK)
HEDSHuman Exploration and Development of Space (NASA)
HEDSHigher Education Digitisation Service (University of Hertfordshire; UK)
HEDSHerpetic Eye Disease Study (clinical trial)
HEDSHigher Education Data Sharing Consortium
HEDSHealth Electronic Data Sheet
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The HEDS program has vastly improved F-16 Operational Flight Program quality and has cut costs significantly in the development process of the aircraft Pilot Vehicle Interface," said Kenny Bennett, director of F-16 Prototyping, Simulation and Test at the 309 SMXG Software Maintenance Wing at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.
The HEDS IDX 2500S also includes high-fidelity radar simulation channels based on Camber Corporation's popular COTS Radar Toolkit(R).
For the HEDS program, Quantum3D is also providing its recently announced GeoScapeSE-S CONUS synthetic environment database which includes geospecific coverage for the entire continental United States, including numerous high- resolution insets and areas-of-interest.