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HEEHealth Education England (UK)
HEEHealth Enterprise East (Cambridge, England, UK)
HEEHigh Energy Efficiency (energy technology)
HEEHigher Education Establishments
HEEAl Habtoor Engineering Enterprises (United Arab Emirates)
HEEHigher Ed Experts (professional development company)
HEECouncil Committee on Health, Energy & Environment (Minneapolis, MN)
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And now Through all restraint broke loose he wings his way Not farr off Heav'n, in the Precincts of light, Directly towards the new created World, And Man there plac't, with purpose to assay If him by force he can destroy, or worse, By som false guile pervert; and shall pervert; For man will heark'n to his glozing lyes, And easily transgress the sole Command, Sole pledge of his obedience: So will fall Hee and his faithless Progenie: whose fault?
But yet all is not don; Man disobeying, Disloyal breaks his fealtie, and sinns Against the high Supremacie of Heav'n, Affecting God-head, and so loosing all, To expiate his Treason hath naught left, But to destruction sacred and devote, He with his whole posteritie must die, Die hee or Justice must; unless for him Som other able, and as willing, pay The rigid satisfaction, death for death.
Hee Heav'n of Heavens and all the Powers therein By thee created, and by thee threw down Th' aspiring Dominations: thou that day Thy Fathers dreadful Thunder didst not spare, Nor stop thy flaming Chariot wheels, that shook Heav'ns everlasting Frame, while o're the necks Thou drov'st of warring Angels disarraid.
Hee credits daughter Kelly with much of the animals' authenticity.
Hee (PKR-Kajang) was replying to a supplementary question from Mohd Fakhrulrazi Mohd Mokhtar (Amanah-Meru) who questioned Selangor's decision to allow plastics factories to continue operating, while at the same time conducting a plastic-free campaign.
Hee's alleged accomplice, Marvin Yu, was arrested in an earlier drug bust at another hotel in Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City.
The Junior Boys Singles was won by Shayan Siraj of Yorkshire who won a very narrow final against Joseph Hee from Kent 11-9.
Our comprehensive overhaul makes product and pricing administration much easier and more efficient," said Van Hee. "We've provided more powerful and flexible features, such as product filtering and the removal of excessive administration steps."
Hee Haws Cantona had half a length on Shaw Cross at the second bend with Ardfert Billy a mighty threatening third.
As Ethan, Jun Hee Lee is, as his early voice-over says, "just the right type" (with one eye to marketing, director Lee keeps actor Lee shirtless as much as possible); he's at his best when Ethan's threatened or furious.
Tomorrow: Heath v Lincou; Nicol v Beachill; Power v Beng Hee; White v Ricketts.