HEECHighland Environmental Education Coalition (Highland, CA)
HEECHuman Esophageal Epithelial Cells
HEECHealth, Education and Environmental Crusaders (Nigeria)
HEECHuman Endometrial Endothelial Cell
HEECHome Energy Efficiency Credit (Massachusetts)
HEECHuman Endometrial Epithelial Cell
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C'est en avril 2019 que la German Academy, qui sera implantee dans les locaux de HEEC Marrakech, entamera ses cours dans la ville ocre, pour le compte du semestre d'ete.
En plus de son partenariat avec HEEC et les institutions Elamrani, la German Academy a ete renforcee par la signature d'un partenariat avec l'universite des sciences appliquees de Landshut en Baviere (Allemagne), l'Universite Ibn Tofail de Kenitra et MedZ (Maroc).
Figure 11 also shows the speed control principle of the HEEC; the deviation of joystick command speed and the real actuators speed signals are used to control the angle of the swash plate or port plate.
Fuel Consumption of HEEC. According to Figure 15(a), we can know that the speed of engine can run around 2200 rpm and the torque is less than the maximum torque which can avoid engine shutdown.
System Engine rated Fuel Fuel saving ratio type power (kW) consumption (g) (compared with the LS system) LS system 35 45 -- HEEC 35 35.6 21% HEEC 25 20.5 32%
HEEC used Bentley AECOsim Building Designer, ProjectWise, Substation, Raceway and Cable Management, and ProStructures to design the substation and facilitate project collaboration.
For in vitro studies, previously frozen HEECs (n=2) and HUVEC (n=1) from normal women undergoing hysterectomy (laparoscopy or laparotomy) or normal delivery were thawed and grown to confluence, as previously described (17).
Frozen primary HEECs (n=2) and HUVECs (n=1) were derived from banked samples.