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HEEDHealthy Eating Every Day (various organizations)
HEEDHealth, Education and Economic Development (Bangladesh)
HEEDHelicopter Emergency Egress Device (Submersible Systems)
HEEDHealth, Environment and Economic Development (NIH program)
HEEDHigh Energy Electron Diffraction
HEEDHealth and Environmental Effects Document
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When he has brought you within Achilles' tent, Achilles will not kill you nor let another do so, for he will take heed to his ways and sin not, and he will entreat a suppliant with all honourable courtesy."
Had it been some mortal man who had sent me some prophet or priest who divines from sacrifice--I should have deemed him false and have given him no heed; but now I have heard the goddess and seen her face to face, therefore I will go and her saying shall not be in vain.
Now when Priam and Idaeus had driven past the great tomb of Ilius, they stayed their mules and horses that they might drink in the river, for the shades of night were falling, when, therefore, Idaeus saw Mercury standing near them he said to Priam, "Take heed, descendant of Dardanus; here is matter which demands consideration.
Willie Supple took the mount on Heed My Warning and was beaten only a head.
Heed the sound of the shofar: Let me tremble, not with fear Bless my family with this healthy New Year.
Gardai are expecting large numbers on the roads over the coming days and have appealed to drivers to heed speed limits, not to drink and to drive with due care and attention.
Former Heed man Jordan Burrow had given the table-topping Minstermen the early initiative.
Former Newcasrle trainee Jack Hunter missed a golden opprtunity to score his first Heed goal on the halfhour.
A defiant Heed caused more problems after the break and a double blast earned them a third consecutive away win.
aACoeMy first appeal to everyone is not to pay any heed to rumours, avoid fear-mongering and not to exaggerate matters,aACA[yen] he added.
'It's up to them if they don't heed the COA's recommendation to return the funds,' Roque said.
Forest Green, beaten for the first time this year last weekend, could easily have been home and hosed before the Heed came to the party.