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HEFAHealth and Education Facilities Authority (various locations)
HEFAHigher Education Funding Act (est. 1988; Australia)
HEFAHigher Education Field Academy (University of Cambridge; UK)
HEFAHighly Enriched Fuel Assembly
HEFAHigh Essential Fatty Acid
HEFAHeart of England Ferret Association (est. 2005; UK)
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15) Hydrotreated jet and diesel biofuels are the more common terms for HEFA (Hydroprocessed Esters, waste oil feedstocks and Fatty Acids) fuels.
From the aircraft manufacturer's point of view, Airbus says that its alternative fuels roadmap aims to make aviation biofuel a reality by bringing together 'stakeholders in a 'value chain'to speed up its commercialisation in a socially responsible way" Its envisages that it will have an alternative fuel project on every continent by the end of 2012 and believes that by providing technical expertise and the data collected from a series of alternative fuel flights, it was at the forefront of helping to obtain the 50% HEFA biofuel approval in JuLy.
Suzi Leather of HEFA said, 'We cannot allow clinics to offer a treatment where a woman, for no other reason than financial inducement, subjects herself to an unnecessary and possibly risky procedure.
Lord Winston, a pioneer in test-tube baby treatment, believes the most obvious way to change the law would be to insert the word "normally" before the words "requiring written consent", so the HEFA can use its discretion in special cases.
5M MO HEFA Hlth Fac Revs (SSM) 2005C-4) is effective today (May 12, 2011).
The approval was granted by HEFA at its second meeting on Wednesday.
HEFA is a quasi-public authority that provides low-cost funding to nonprofit organizations in health care, higher education, science, culture and the arts.
The HEFA has been incorporated as a Section 8 Company under the Company Act, 2013 and would mobilize debt/Bond funds from the market to finance improvement in infrastructure and research facilities in the higher educational institutions.
Boeing previously found that this fuel is chemically similar to HEFA (hydro-processed esters and fatty acids) aviation biofuel approved in 2011.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has affirmed and assigned Stable Outlooks to the ratings of New Hampshire HELC (1997)/ HEFA (1998) Master Trust.
Over the three-month period, flight SQ31 will be powered by a combination of HEFA (Hydro-processed Esters and Fatty Acids), a sustainable biofuel produced from used cooking oils, and conventional jet fuel.