HEFCWHigher Education Funding Council for Wales
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Low risk is defined by HEFCW as "no major concerns" while "moderate risk" means there is "some risk and/or accountability issues identified which may raise concerns about long-term sustainability and which HEFCW needs to understand better through further engagement with the institution".
Additional 6m to HEFCW in this financial year to deal with the short-term implications of demographic change, as well allowing them to start preparing for the implications of Brexit.
A further PS5m will be allocated to HEFCW in both 2018-19 and 2019-20 to allow institutions to provide bursaries and grants to postgraduate students, prior to full implementation of the new package of postgraduate support in 2019/20.
The Liberal Democrats, who have a two-year budget deal with the Labour Government, had been in behind the scenes talks over the HEFCW and local council funding.
Whilst money was recently granted for pounds 5m centre for the creative industries at Glyndwer University, questions are still being asked why HEFCW would then give Bangor pounds 15 million for what seems to be an identical, and competitive, project?
The interview also omits to record that, under an arrangement that HEFCW reached with the then Welsh Assembly Government, the University received pounds 3.
In addition, HEFCW distributes resources for teaching and research in the higher education sector, and helps deliver Welsh Government priorities for higher education.
Before the new tuition fees and funding regime, around third of university funding in Wales came from HEFCW.
Plaid Cymru Shadow Education Secretary Llyr Gruffydd said the fact that money was there all along to provide additional funds for the HEFCW showed it was a political decision, rather than a necessity, on the part of the Labour Welsh Government to introduce a hike.
The Welsh Government simply say it's a matter for HEFCW.
The Bill also gives new legislative and judicial powers to HEFCW.