HEFCWHigher Education Funding Council for Wales
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Before the new tuition fees and funding regime, around third of university funding in Wales came from HEFCW.
Whilst money was recently granted for pounds 5m centre for the creative industries at Glyndwer University, questions are still being asked why HEFCW would then give Bangor pounds 15 million for what seems to be an identical, and competitive, project?
The Welsh Government simply say it's a matter for HEFCW.
The Bill also gives new legislative and judicial powers to HEFCW.
The interview also omits to record that, under an arrangement that HEFCW reached with the then Welsh Assembly Government, the University received pounds 3.
Professor Philip Gummett, Chief Executive of HEFCW, said: "It is clear from the fee plans that institutions will use a high percentage of their additional income to benefit students, from bursaries for students from disadvantaged communities to investing in new technology.
Before Welsh Universities can set tuition fees higher than pounds 4,000 for 2012/13, their plans must be approved by HEFCW.
HEFCW chief executive Prof Philip Gummett said it was asking the higher education sector in Wales to be prudent to help prepare for the squeeze in public funding.
In a report HEFCW said by 2013 there should be no more than two institutions per region.
In addition, the Bill also enables HEFCW to set terms and conditions on activities which are not funded from the public purse.
3 million in their direct funding from HEFCW for next year.
The scheme is administered by the University of Glamorgan and funded by NISCHR, HEFCW and the Health Foundation.