HEFSHigher Education Financial Services
HEFSHigh Explosive Fin Stabilized
HEFSHome Education & Family Services (homeschooling resources)
HEFSHierarchical Environmental Feature Structure
HEFSHelicopter Emergency Floatation System
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Hef has admitted to using Viagra to keep his stamina up, but Holly says proudly: "He's a wonderful lover, regardless of his age.
"Hef has more energy than any of us and often we'll be feeling tired or have drunk too much, but he can keep going.
Holly says: "I'd never even seen a vibrator when I first came here two years ago so when Hef produced them for all the girls I was shocked.
Holly met Hef, currently celebrating 50 years of Playboy magazine, at a bikini contest.
She adds: "Being one of Hef's Bunny girls is so glamorous.
"Hef only ever wears silk pyjamas at the house,"says Holly.
The girls are given a hefty allowance to cover expenses and clothes, and Hef takes a big interest in what they wear.