HEGHaute École de Gestion de Genève
HEGHoming Endonuclease Gene (enzymes)
HEGHigher Education Grant (various locations)
HEGHomogeneous Electron Gas
HEGHead-End Gateway
HEGHollywood Entertainment Group (video store chain)
HEGHigh End Group (Sprint)
HEGHigh Enthalpy Wind Tunnel, Goettingen
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Over the past 15 years, HEG has acquired more than a dozen real estate schools across the country.
The history of HEG is linked to the history of the Women's Cancer Combating Network (RFCC) founded in 1955 by local high society women to raise resources to build a hospital for cancer research and treatment.
We report a case in which non-provision of appropriate medical care to a patient with persistent HEG resulted in a fatal metabolic encephalopathy with neurological signs probably in keeping with a diagnosis of WE.
Mannai HEG expects these traits to drive annual growth in DAF sales in the coming years as Qatar's infrastructure development needs grow," the statement adds.
18) En esta seccion, la primera cifra entre parentesis se refiere a (Weber, 1923) y la segunda a HEG.
When AEG or HEG is fed to the rats along with HLD a significant decrease is observed in plasma as well as liver tissue lipid levels as compared to control group.
O questionario foi aplicado a 62 respondentes, sendo 26 do HEG e 36 do HPP, os quais foram selecionados por amostragem do tipo bola de neve (Malhotra, 2001).
CLW also alleged repeated use of child labor at HEG, another supplier, but Samsung says it has found no evidence of this.
Samsung also said its audit into working conditions at an HEG Electronics facility in Huizhou in southern China found no under-aged workers.
Samsung, which sent a team to HEG Electronics (Huizhou) to examine the claims, is still investigating, spokesman James Chung said by phone on August 20.
HEG will also conclude priority purchase agreements with MEPSO.
HEG uses the same infrared principle as the little fingertip clip-on oximeter that reads pulse rate and oxygen levels in the hospital.