HEHSHealth, Education and Human Services
HEHSHoffman Estates High School (Illinois)
HEHSHatch End High School (UK)
HEHSHuntington East High School (Huntington, WV)
HEHSHead of Environmental Health Services (UK)
HEHSHealth, Environment and Human Services Committee (Dallas, TX)
HEHSHealth Economics and Health Systems (university course; Centre of National Research on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine; University of Queensland; Herston, Queensland, Australia)
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The only students to share openly their special education placements other than Jessica, a young woman with cerebral palsy, claimed they were indifferent to or excluded from HEHS social interactions, anyway.
The data clearly showed that students assigned to earning disabilities classrooms at HEHS viewed being defined as "learning disabled" negatively.
Nevertheless, despite efforts by special educators, schools, and parents to persuade students that needing special education services is not shameful, a negative view prevailed at HEHS about being identified as "learning disabled.
The respondents who were most comfortable at HEHS were those who dealt with their placements by self-acceptance or compensation and had school friends.
Although their schooling was often distressful or irrelevant, the special education consumers at HEHS did not believe the situation was solely a result of the failure of special education.
The respondents at HEHS said that special education has been deficient in the first three.
A question concerning the highest academic degree of the HEHS was completed by 37 (60.
Of the 30 respondents answering a question concerning the highest degree obtained by the employed HEHS, 25 different majors were reported.
The annual salary of the designated HEHS was provided by 45 (73.
This analysis indicated a significant disparity between the average salary of the small hospital HEHS, when compared to the medium and large hospital HEHS.
However, there was no significant difference in the mean salaries of the HEHS in the medium and large hospitals.
5%) which reported not employing an HEHS were requested to determine their level of interest in the future employment of an HEHS, the annual salary to be offered, and the academic background that would be required of the applicant.