HEHTHaustechnische Elemente Harald Trillitzsch (German solar energy product manufacturer; Oelsnitz, Germany)
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(24') * [??]oet cuoe[??] sanctus Paulus that said Saint Paul 'Saint Paul said that' (25') * [??]a heht he in [eth]aere nihte ...
heht, leolc, speoft, beoft), and (b) Anglian syncopated r-type (with reord, ondreord, leort) (cf.
Accordingly, syncope which occurred as a result of strong initial stress reduced the second syllable (root vowel) and thus rendered the preterite stem monosyllabic, as in *heyait- > *heyt > heht, *lelaik > leolc.
As regards the vocalism of these forms, the short diphthong co, present in all of the attested forms, except for heht, can be explained as an outcome of breaking before r + the following consonant in the r-type verbs.
Heht mec mon wunian on wuda bearwe, under actreo in ham eorbscrzefe.
A similar problem arises with hatan and wyrcan 'work' and the personal pronoun him in Beowulf 2337 (10) Heht him pa gewyrcean wigendra hleo eallirenne, eorla dryhten, wigbord wroetlic 'Then the protector of warriors, the lord of earls, bade an iron shield, a splendid war-targe, to be wrought for him' (Gordon 1954: 52-53)