HEIAHorticultural Export Improvement Association
HEIAHome Economics Institute of Australia, Inc.
HEIAHigh External Input Agriculture (economics)
HEIAHigher Education in the Information Age (University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
HEIAHepatic Enzyme-Inducing Anticonvulsants (oncology)
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He pointed out that the HEIA and the Agriculture Export Council, with the Ministry of Agriculture, have been able to open more markets, during the past three seasons, to Egyptian crops.
El-Beltagy said that the HEIA aims to hold meetings with the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa soon to identify the needs of the African market, followed by meetings with the offices of trade representation there to organise promotional missions for Egyptian crops.
The HEIA offers a series of lectures to introduce export markets and means of entering them and getting to know their clients.
In addition, El-Beltagy said that the HEIA also organises an event for each crop to host foreign experts that explain healthy production procedures for farmers.
The HEIA welcomes more than 500 full international learners, who collectively bring pounds 8-10 million into the region each year.
As well as excellent tuition in their chosen subject, the HEIA provides the additional support many international students require, including English lessons and help with accommodation.
HEIA seeks to develop a new system for the export of strawberries and peppers in cooperation with the Agriculture Export Council (AEC) and the ministries of industry and agriculture in order to resume exporting them to the countries that banned them recently.