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HEIFERHigh Frequency Relay
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The heifer was brought in from the plain, and Telemachus's crew came from the ship; the goldsmith brought the anvil, hammer, and tongs, with which he worked his gold, and Minerva herself came to accept the sacrifice.
When they had done praying and sprinkling the barley meal {32} Thrasymedes dealt his blow, and brought the heifer down with a stroke that cut through the tendons at the base of her neck, whereon the daughters and daughters in law of Nestor, and his venerable wife Eurydice (she was eldest daughter to Clymenus) screamed with delight.
"When he reached the river Xanthus, which is in Lycia, the king received him with all goodwill, feasted him nine days, and killed nine heifers in his honour, but when rosy-fingered morning appeared upon the tenth day, he questioned him and desired to see the letter from his son-in-law Proetus.
Get the matrons together, and go with offerings to the temple of Minerva driver of the spoil; there, upon the knees of Minerva, lay the largest and fairest robe you have in your house--the one you set most store by; promise, moreover, to sacrifice twelve yearling heifers that have never yet felt the goad, in the temple of the goddess if she will take pity on the town, with the wives and little ones of the Trojans, and keep the son of Tydeus from off the goodly city of Ilius, for he fights with fury, and fills men's souls with panic.
Do this, and we will sacrifice twelve heifers that have never yet known the goad, in your temple, if you will have pity upon the town, with the wives and little ones of the Trojans." Thus she prayed, but Pallas Minerva granted not her prayer.
At 2,400gns was Bluebell Impression Irina GP82 who had just calf in fresh for her second Lactation having given 9,300kgs as a heifer. She was secured by DE & MR Davies of Sarnau.
Juvenile Classes (Dairy) Judge: Mr T Stable, Ulverston Champion: Brian Yates, East Logan, Castle Douglas Reserve Champion: T A Jackson, Guillyhill, Holywood Heifer calf, Ayrshire Breed - 1 and 3 William Sloan and Co, Ryemuir, Lochmaben; 2 Mr Keith Davidson.
Weaned heifer calves should be grazed on nutritious pastures sufficient to meet their maintenance and growth requirements.
"There are still a number of farmers who believe they can judge a heifer's pelvic size just by looking from the outside but this can often be false hope - you have to get in there and measure them."
Cows and Heifer Calves: Lindertis Farms (SimX) PS1850; Lindertis Farms (LimX) PS1700; The Carse (AAX) PS1580; The Carse (ContX) PS1500.
Heifer has provided more than 3 million families in more than 125 countries the tools and training to lift themselves from poverty through sustainable farming and sound business practices.