HEIPHealthcare Education Industry Partnership
HEIPHigher Education Innovation Programme
HEIPHumboldt Energy Independence Program (Humboldt State University, California)
HEIPHastings East Industrial Park
HEIPHarlem Environmental Impact Project
HEIPHonors and Executive Internship Program
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En cuanto a la equitatividad de especies, segun los indices de Pielou, Sheldon y Heip, entre mas cercano se este a la unidad se tiene una mayor equidad.
Two quality eoncerls from the spiky-haired super star Should heip to put the new acousticuHy-designed hall firmly on the top pop show map.
Lindsay Scott, of HeIp the Aged in Scotland, said: "It appears that we are governed by a ruling elite who write the rules to suit themselves.
* Parents are overly optimistic that their children will receive heip in covering their eduction-related costs, with over 90 per cent expecting them to qualify for government loans, when in reality closer to half will receive such aid.
Coefficient Alpha = .81 TABLE 2 Correlations Total Priority of Priority of Amout Giving to Giving to Donated Universities Alma Mater Need and deserve heip .162 ** .257 ** .239 ** Benefits of donating .134 ** .265 ** .254 ** Accept responsibility .195 ** .465 ** .435 ** Personal impact .185 ** .392 ** .528 ** Donor involvement .290 ** .654 ** .863 ** Perceived quality of .221 ** .421 ** .523 ** the university Communications .179 ** .380 ** .518 ** Altruism .186 ** .496 ** .492 ** Egoism .039 .209 ** .240 ** Accountability .023 .087 ** .063 Priority of giving to .312 ** -- -- universities Priority of giving to .326 ** .747 * -- the specific unviersity * Correlation is significant at the .005 level (2-tailed).
where LAB = Labour vote intentions; LBPM = Labour leader as best prime minister; LPID = Labour party identification; ECM = error-correction mechanism; ECEV = one of four subjective economic evaluations; INTR = interest rates; INIP, UMIP, EDIP, HEIP = perceptions of inflation, unemployment, education, and health as most important problems; [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 3 OMITTED] EVENTS = salient pro/anti-Labour events; [Epsilon] = stochastic error process ([approximately]N(0,[[Sigma].sup.2])); [Delta] = difference operator; [[Beta].sub.0] = constant; and [[Beta].sub.1-k] = regression coefficients.
We have previously used nutrient budgets to argue that the ocean as a whole is slightly heterotrophic, fueled by organic inputs from land, and that bays and estuaries are typically the most heterotrophic oceanic environments (Smith and Mackenzie 1987, Smith and Hollibaugh 1993, see also Heath 1995, Heip et al.
The benthic taxa are more tractable for management experiments than other taxa because of their sedentary habits (Heip, 1992), as demonstrated from many successful shellfish culture endeavors and habitat manipulation experiments, such as artificial reefs.
Wel mi allwn i ddweud yr un peth am y gwagle diwylliannol yn yr ardal - anodd oedd osgoi'r heip ryfedda am ddarn o graffiti ar ochr garej yn y dref.
Esto es contrario a lo que ha sido considerado como la caracteristica mas sobresaliente de los invertebrados (meiofauna, macrofauna y megafauna bentonica) en el ambito batimetrico, que es la disminucion en tamano a medida que aumenta la profundidad (Thiel, 1975; Soetaert & Heip, 1989; Gage & Tyler, 1991; Warwick & Clarke, 1996; Rex et al., 1999; Olabarria & Thurson, 2003; Rex et al., 2006; Soetaert et al., 2009; van der Grient & Rogers, 2015) y tampoco refleja lo planteado en el modelo teorico de talla optima, que predice igualmente menor tamano de los organismos con el incremento de profundidad (Sebens, 1982; 1987).