HEISHydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
HEISHigh Energy Ion Scattering
HEISHousehold Expenditure and Income Survey (various countries)
HEISHanford Environmental Information System
HEISHigh Energy Ion Spectroscopy
HEISHealth Education Information System
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Elton," she replied, starting on this appeal; "is heis he a tall man?"
Specifically, the study (1) examined, analyzed, and synthesized the educational system of Higher Education Institutions to determine the feasibility of mainstreaming the subject; (2) analyzed the context, inputs, processes, and outputs of the various mainstreaming schemes in the different HEIs to determine the viability of the scheme; and (3) analyzed the context, inputs, processes and outputs of mainstreaming technopreneurship to determine the level of demand for technopreneurship education among HEI students.
Joint Master Degrees Programmes in cooperation with European HEIs: HEI can be part of a consortium offering a Joint Master Degree Programme in which students study in at least two of the participating HEIs and receive a joint or double/multiple degree.
Another source of analytical deficit in this book which, had it been addressed, might have made it more solid is the analysis of the interplay between the state--through the government agencies such as OHEC or the independent regulator such as the ONESQA--and HEIs. As a matter of fact, HEIs in Thailand have developed a distinctive character as independent actors with the leverage and freedom to steer their institutional courses.
In Malawi, 13.8% of HEIs in 2009 were HIV-infected, but only 29% of those in need of ART received treatment.
Heis of the center for integrative research on cardiovascular aging at Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee.
Second, it ensures that all HEIs provide students with quality academic programs designed to meet national needs and priorities, especially on subjects related to sciences and technologies.
The root of all problems is the make money' mindset of private institutions owners that has transformed the role of private HEIs from knowledge repositories to money making mills.
Richard Heis, Joint Special Administrator of the Company and partner at KPMG, said, "The Joint Special Administrators have, since their appointment on 19 January 2015, focussed their efforts on the disposal of the whole or parts of the company's business, with a view to maximising recoveries for the company's creditors and saving as many jobs as possible.
The quality assurance in HEIs starts with the vision, mission and objectives (VMO) and setting the strategies to achieve them.
The project is also meant to strengthen internationalization and increase the number of internationalization-related activities of Philippine HEIs.
The participants were provided an opportunity to get hands-on training and informative sessions on topics of Basic Teaching and Learning, Lesson Planning, Microteaching, Course Designing, Student-centered Learning, Technology-inbuilt Learning, Research Design, Analyzing Research Results, Writing Winning Research Proposals, Managing a Research Team, Disseminating Research, Research and Aligning Impact, Convergent Research Class, Community-based Research, Entrepreneurship and Commercialization, HEIs Governance, HEI Advancement, Communication, Building a Network, Self-Governance, Mentoring and Incorporating Leadership Qualities.