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HEKLAHove Edegem Kontich Lint Aartselaar (Dutch: Your Local Police Online)
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But Gardarsson, who has a tourist lodge at the foot of Hekla, isn't worried.
What is interesting is that fact that no earthquakes appear during this magma movements, there is also no harmonic tremor when the magma is moving around in the crust close to Hekla Volcano," he added.
page cites Sigurdur Thorarinsson, Hekla, A Notorious Volcano, trans.
Through travellers' tales and his own imagination, an unknown 18th-century Danish artist painted a series of dramatic canvases of Hekla and other Icelandic volcanoes erupting.
Diving in: Folk love to swim; Gates of hell: Mount Hekla
The plan is to venture into the Icelandic Highlands, set up camp close to the 4,892ft Hekla summit, then drop down onto the glacier the following day.
Los volcanes activos, descartando los de Santorin y Metonu en el mar Egeo, cuyas ultimas erupciones se remontan al siglo III de la Era cristiana, se reducen, en la actualidad, al Vesubio en Italia, al Etna en la isla de Sicilia y al Hekla en la de Islandia, puesto que los del archipielago de Lipari se hallan en relativo reposo desde hace centenares de anos.
Walkers can bathe in the country's natural hot springs and see the Hekla volcano.
This layer," Steinberg explains, pointing to a white ash below the level of the grass roots, "is from 1104, from the volcano Hekla.
Some valleys, like Hekla, consist only of black pumice stones and mysterious looking ravens peering down from great rocks.
The island has more than 200 volcanoes, including the 4,891-foot Mount Hekla.