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HELCOMHelsinki Commission (Baltic marine protection)
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The Ministers of Environment of the HELCOM member countries exchanged views on the most pressing issues of protecting the marine environment of the Baltic Sea area.
Subsamples of 10 and 25 mL of the fixed samples were settled in a sedimentation chamber for 24 h and counted according to the Utermohl technique with an inverted microscope at 200 x and 400 x magnifications (Utermohl, 1958; HELCOM, 2006b; Olenina et al.
Since 30% of the TN removal is achievable if the biological treatment process functions normally and operates properly without enhanced nitrogen removal (such as nitrification-denitrification process) [35] and considering HELCOM recommendation (Table 1), the effluent concentrations for TN are calculated as 30% reduction of concentration of WWTPs' inflow (Table 2).
Despite the actions undertaken by HELCOM countries, the overall eutrophication status of the Baltic Sea is still unacceptable (HELCOM 2008).
Como se preciso en la Recomendacion HELCOM 3/2003 del 6 de marzo de 2002, el pilotaje obligatorio se aplicaria a los barcos indicados en las resoluciones de la OMI A.
2009; HELCOM, 2013) and this issue has led to disparity in available information about fresh and thalassic rotifers in favour of the former (Fontaneto et al.
On the basis of work carried out by the MSFD HELCOM zooplankton working group, a core indicator of food web structure based on mesozooplankton, i.
One idea might be to start by using the HELCOM framework.
Illegal dumping has fallen by more than 60 percent since 1999, when 488 cases were detected by national surveillance planes, and the size of spills has also fallen, HELCOM said in a statement.
2, known as the HELCOM standard with nutrient removal.
ICPDR - International Commission for the Protection for the Danube River BSC - COMMISSION ON THE PROTECTION OF THE BLACK SEA AGAINST POLLUTION HELCOM - Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission/ Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) ICPER - International Commission for the Protection of the Elbe River ICPOR - International Commission for the Protection of the Odra River against Pollution (ICPO) OSPAR - Commission for the Protection of the North-East Atlantic Oslo-Paris Convention (OSPAR) UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) UNEP MAP - Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution (United Nations Environement Programme for the Barcelona Convention)