HELFHeads of E-Learning Forum (est. 2003; various universities; UK)
HELFHuman Embryonic Lung Fibroblast (cytology)
HELFHouse-Elf Liberation Front (Harry Potter)
HELFHeadrest, Eyepiece, Lights, Filter (procedure for checking tank rangefinder)
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MHK tries to meet with at least one member of a sponsor’s plan committee before deciding how to handle the RFP, Helf says.
To detect the cytotoxicity to human normal cells, we also tested the cell viability of HELF cells when treated with wogonin and Wog-MNPs-Fe[sub]3O[sub]4.
Science and technology education plays a crucial role in the developing digital economies around the world so much that during the 1st APEC High-Level Policy Dialogue on Science and Technology in Higher Education helf here in August, the member economies recognized how science and technology education plays a vital role in creating innovations that ca further spur economies.
Helf of the consideration is payable on completion, and 434,950 ordinary shares have been issued, with the balance deferred over the next two years.
Heelen and J.Fred Helf wrote the song "Every Race Has A Flag But The Coon" which belittles Black people for not having a flag.
The role of oxidative stress in hormesis induced by sodium arsenite in human embryo lung fibroblast (HELF) cellular proliferation model.
LAST year was not only a record one for capital and operational expendifor capital and operational expenditure - it was also the rst time decom ture - it was also the rst time decommissioning spend on the UKCmissioning spend on the UKCS (UnitUnited Kingdom Continental ed Kingdom Continental Shelf) helf) topped PS1bn.
The final of the Bank of England and The Times Interest Rate Challenge will be helf at the Bank of England on 20 March 2015, with the Challenge Trophy and a cheque for GBP5,000 being the prizes.
There are numerous studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of multisensory teaching for students in clinical settings (Campbell, Helf, & Cooke, 2008; Hoerl & Koons, 1995; McIntyre & Pickering, 1996; Oakland, Black, Standford, Nussbaum, & Balise, 1998; Ogden, Hindman, & Turner, 1989; Vickery, Reynolds, & Cochran, 1987).
Zha et al., "Determination, characterization and cytotoxicity on HELF cells of ZnO nanoparticles," Colloids and Surfaces B, vol.
Edicion completa en CD-Rom (1999), a cargo de Nicolas Helf, "Prologo" de Horacio Salas y textos de Sylvia Saitta.