HELGHighways Efficiency Liaison Group (UK)
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Helg Austiften, director of the UN Office of Audit and Investigations (OAI) represented TAG-Org and UNDP respectively.
En ese punto se produjo un movimiento armado en Cartagena encabezado por el general pardo Jose Padilla, quien fracaso en el intento y busco refugiarse en Ocana (Helg 2004, 195-236).
The persistence or mobility of a country's comparative advantage over time can be examined by applying a transition probability matrix and Markov chains to the classification of the RCA index (see Proudman and Redding 2000; Brasili, Epifani, and Helg 2000; Hinloopen and van Marrewijk 2001; Hosein 2008; Sinanan and Hosein 2012).
In international literature a lots of studies are available that established and uniquely identified the multiple cointegrating vectors [see for example, Juselius (1995); Dibooglu and Enders (1995); Helg and Serati (1996); Diamandis, et al.