HELLADSHigh Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System
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HELLADS "was really the first foray into solid-state laser technology and proved that you could do a solid-state laser," DARPA Director Steven Walker said at a recent breakfast with reporters in Washington, D.C.
Note that neither JHPSSL nor HELLADS is intended to engage ballistic missile targets.
According to CBS News, DARPA's description of HELLADS also mentioned "additional capability for offensive missions as well, adding precise targeting with low probability of collateral damage."
DARPA said that HELLADS would be 'ten times smaller and lighter than current lasers of similar power.'
"Our successes with prior phases of the HELLADS program have enabled our continued and enthusiastic involvement with this important DARPA project," says Textron Systems' Dr.
The High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defence System (HELLADS) will weigh just 750 kilograms and fit into a space about the size of a large refrigerator.