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HELMSHelicopter Multi-function System
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I dared not go below, I dared not leave the helm, so here all night I stayed, and in the dimness of the night I saw it, Him
With all my strength I threw the helm to starboard; but it was too late to effect the purpose of our skipper.
We both rushed up the cabin stairs, naturally under the impression that one of our crew had fallen into the sea: an impression shared, I ought to add, by the man at the helm, who had given the alarm.
Two away in the boat, a third at the helm, and, to my amazement, when I looked round, the other four behind me making our number complete.
At daylight by careful manipula- tion of the helm we got the foreyards to run square by themselves (the water keeping smooth) and then went about hauling the ropes tight.
Burns to put the helm down and let both anchors go one after another, leaving the ship to take as much cable as she wanted.
The sea continued to break over the vessel with such violence, that it was impossible to stand at the helm without the assistance of lashings.
Dinghy sailors, It seems possess an innate ability to helm a yacht well and at speed.
Meanwhile, Helms was fired from her job at a Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream store in Turlock.
On his visit Helms was also offered an interview -- and almost immediately, a job -- as an intern in the publicity department of the local NBC television station, an opportunity he hungrily and impulsively accepted.
edu/ makes it easy for prospective and current students, faculty, staff, parents and community members to find out all that Helms Career Institute has to offer with the click of a button.
Both helms provide 48 degrees of tilt with five preset lock positions, allowing drivers to customize for their personal ergonomic needs.