HELSTFHigh Energy Laser Systems Test Facility (White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico)
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In February 1996, as part of the Nautilus laser test program, TRW, the Army and the IMoD used the Mid Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser (MIRACL) and the SeaLite Beam Director installed at HELSTF to intercept and destroy a Katyusha rocket," he said.
The C3I subsystem has been undergoing tracking tests against live rocket targets at HELSTF since June 1998.
The C3I subsystem has been undergoing testing at HELSTF since June 1998.
TRW has also begun moving the laser subsystem from the company's Capistrano Test Site in Southern California, where it has been undergoing development and testing, to HELSTF.
The transition of the key THEL/ACTD subsystems to HELSTF positions us to begin the next major phase of the program -- integration into the first fully operational fire unit," said Tom Romesser, vice president and deputy general manager of TRW's Space & Laser Programs Division and TRW's THEL/ACTD program manager.