HEMATHeavy Expanded Mobility Ammunition Trailer
HEMATHeavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
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Hemat made the remarks during a visit to the 1st Brigade of Border Forces in eastern Nangarhar province, Khaama Press reported.
Some weapons and ammunitions have been seized by Afghan forces, Hemat added.
Baz Mohammed Hemat, head of the civilian hospital in Ghazni city, said 14 wounded people -- 10 security forces, and four inmates -- had been brought to the facility for treatment.
Baz Mohammad Hemat also confirmed receiving the dead bodies of five policemen.
Ezzeldeen, (1) Heidy Abo- El yazeed, (2) Afaf Ali Amin, (2) Hemat A.
Those officials include Ahmadshah Hemat, Urban Development Director, Gul Rahim Ziarmal, Plan and Policy Director, Mohammad Aminullah Qani, Head of Apartments Cohesion, Mohammad Aminullah Amin, Director of Property and Accommodation and Ahmad Nawaz Bakhtyar, Director of Housing Enterprise, Director Finance Apartments Cohesion Syed Aman Sadat.
In our regressions, we included the following terms: (i) [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], an indicator variable for whether the observation was made in period [T.sub.1]; (ii) hematocrit level (hemat);, (iii) [D.sub.hemat>[tau]], an indicator variable if hematocrit was greater than some threshold [tau]; (iv) an interaction term between [T.sub.1] and hemat; and (v) an interaction term between [D.sub.hemat>[tau]] and [T.sub.1].
The strategically important Helmand province, which borders Pakistan is infamous for poppy cultivation and Taliban-led militancy wherein, according to the provincial police chief Juma Gul Hemat, hundreds of Pakistani Taliban are involved in the ongoing militancy there alongside Afghan insurgents.
By Treasury: Mohammad Javad and Arman Imanirad (for acting on behalf of Aluminat, which procures aluminum products for Iran's nuclear program); Nefertiti Shipping (IRISL's agent in Egypt); Sazeh Morakab (provides services to Shahid Hemat Industrial Group, SHIG, and Iran's Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Co., HESA); Ali Gholami and Marzieh Bozorg (officials of Sazeh Morakab).
Dr Nazir Ahmad Hemat in MoPH's department of counter narcotics says only 22 of the deaddiction centres are equipped to treat children.