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HEMICHawaii Employers' Mutual Insurance Company
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In Hawaii and 28 other states, conflicting state and federal laws expose companies like HEMIC if they do business with medical marijuana dispensaries, the company said.
"HEMIC has received two outside legal opinions regarding its role in providing workers' compensation coverage to Hawaii's medical marijuana dispensaries.
The peat that was encountered vertically at location KS.TP.10 can be classified as hemic to sapric, hemic and fibric to hemic peat.
gravel, humus)# 3 2 75% of the volume of Absent (0), organic material is peat@ Fibric (1), Hemic (2), Saparic (3) 4/6/8 3 More or less freely Absent (0), drained and never present (1) saturated for >7 days, and contain organic materials that occur as in definition (ii) for Organosols (extending from the surface to min.
Species n [delta] (13) C [delta] (13) Tissue (SD) N (SD) Mustela nivalis 7 -26.08 (0.61) 8.36(0.25) M, Fu Lemmus 21 -27.31 (0.27) 5.93 (0.99) M sibiricus Dicrostonyx 4 -27.12 (0.33) 2.55 (0.93) M torquatus Anser albifrons 5 -26.01 (0.64) 6.99 (0.26) E Br ant a hemic 16 -25.96(1.16) 10.78 (4.31) E, M la Brant a 1 -26.18 7.51 E ruficollis Clangula 1 -23.54 9.36 M hyemalis Somateria 1 -25.59 7.21 E spectabilis Arenaria 1 -25.51 8.73 E interpres Calidris alpina 3 -23.50 (0.62) 6.52 (0.42) E Calidris 1 -22.53 6.34 E ferruginea Calidris minula 7 -24.04(1.30) 7.76(1.15) E.
(i) Renal insufficiency requiring frequent renal dialysis with significant objective finding of neural or hemic abnormalities.
According to the American society for testing and materials (ASTM 2008), standard peat classification has been narrowed to three classes: (i) fibric (fibrous; least decomposed with fiber content of more than 67%), (ii) hemic (semi-fibrous; intermediate decomposed), and (iii) sapric (amorphous; most decomposed with fiber content of less than 33%).
(1) Any physiological disorder, or condition, cosmetic disfigurement, or anatomical loss affecting one or more of the following body systems: neurological, musculoskeletal, special sense organs, respiratory (including speech organs), cardiovascular, reproductive, digestive, genito-urinary, hemic and lymphatic, skin, and endocrine; or
The battle's confirmed line-up features Saudi Arabian bands Liquid Wings, Hemic, the Rockerz, Black, Disturb the Balance, Skidmind, Singosh and Enraged.
Grant's CLINICAL CASES IN AVIAN & EXOTIC ANIMAL HEMATOLOGY & CYTOLOGY (9780813816616, $124.99), a fine survey packed with keys on how to use hemic cytology and cytodiagnosis as part of the assessment of an exotic animal patient.