HEMMHeavy Earth-Moving Machinery
HEMMHCCA (HCF (Hybrid Coordinator Function) Controlled Channel Access)-EDCA (Enhanced Distributed Channel Access) Mixed Mode
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The FDIC didn't name Hemm or Talley as defendants in its lawsuit against Dhaliwal.
Producing the HEMM solar cell also will stimulate the push for clear large-scale power generation using concentrator solar systems.
Hemm was formerly president of John Blair Marketing, a producer of newspaper inserts.
Hemm was a 20-something loan officer back in April 2007, when he solicited a $60,000 cash payment from Talley in order to grease the skids for a $6.2 million loan from ANB.
Hemm, 33, a former loan officer for defunct ANB Financial of Bentonville, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to bribe a bank officer and misapplication of bank funds.
We can't say whether Talley and Jagtar Dhaliwal were the unnamed borrowers with whom Hemm allegedly colluded, but they were involved in a sports arena project that matched the description given in ANB's lawsuit.
Dhaliwal of Rogers, but whether Dhaliwal--whom we also couldn't reach--was one of the borrowers accused of colluding with Hemm is not known.
According to the FDIC's civil suit, an ANB officer named William Burton Hemm "colluded with two borrowers to defraud ANB."