HEMMHeavy Earth-Moving Machinery
HEMMHCCA (HCF (Hybrid Coordinator Function) Controlled Channel Access)-EDCA (Enhanced Distributed Channel Access) Mixed Mode
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3 kv) at different locations installed at DOCM for power supply to HEMM and dewatering equipment as per the instructions of engineer i/c.
Tenders are invited for Pre-bid meeting for the work of Hiring of HEMM for removal of OB, extraction and transportation of coal from XI/XII, IX/X,VIIIB, VIIIA & V/VI/VII seams of OC Patch-B of Amalgamated Block-IV Govindpur Colliery of Govindpur Area 1) OB : 214.
Tenders are invited for Removal of all type of materials in all kinds of strata by hiring of equipments such as HEMM, tippers, drills, dozers, graders and water sprinklers including its drilling, excavation, loading, transportation, dumping, spreading, dozing, grading and water sprinkling at specified places as per instruction of Engineer-in-charge at Amalgamated Yekona I & II OCM of Majri Area.