HEMMTHeavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
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The HEMMT load-handling systems and wreckers were our primary concern since these were the 296th BSB's primary vehicles for resupplying, recovering, and supporting the SBCT.
Once we arrived in Mosul, the 296th BSB's Forward Maintenance Company's requirement to up-armor HMMWVs broadened to include up-armoring heavy, expanded mobility tactical trucks (HEMMTs) and medium tactical vehicles (MTVs).
The mileage a HEMMT vehicle accrues over a one-year period in the OIF theater of operations would take 10 years to accrue outside that theater.
For example, the engine, transmission, and other systems of a heavy, expanded-mobility, tactical truck (HEMMT) are basically the same whether it is a wrecker or fuel truck.
He was able to fill approximately 2/3 of his tanks with fuel from his HEMMT tankers before they ran dry.
He called Command Sergeant Major Michael Howard, his senior noncommissioned officer, and told him to "Scrounge fuel!" The resourceful CSM soon found the 3rd BCT's Forward Logistic Element (FLE) and was able to get a HEMMT full of the precious liquid.